Conference Outputs

We are hoping to include as many sets of slides and papers from the conference as possible on this page, as well as photos from the event.

Thank you to the speakers for sharing their work with us.

Gallery of Images from the Conference


See also an edited video of our keynote dialogue by Mihai Nadin: Anticipation and Change: The WHY? of anticipation



Session 33: Anticipatory Governance and Legacy

Joni Karjalainen (University of Turku), Sirkka Heinonen (University of Turku), Juho Ruotsalainen (University of Turku), and Marjukka Parkkinen (University of Turku), ‘Anticipatory hybrid governance – testing a conceptual model for a peer-to-peer-driven urban landscape’



Session 40: Ethics & Privacy

Matti Minkkinen (University of Turku), ‘Future-proofing the European privacy regime: Ideas and discourse coalitions in the public consultation process of the General Data Protection Regulation’



Session 41: The Old is Dying, and the New Cannot be Born

This was a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective session on the governance of the future, exploring challenges to anticipation and governance in a time of crisis. This is examined through the areas of personalised medicine, disaster management, risk, energy futures, sustainability of the oceans.



Session 53: Modes of Foresight in informing public policy and decision making

This curated session explored the emerging roles of futures thinking in the guidance, planning and informing of public policy and decision-making. It asked what the roles of foresight in governance ought to be, and whether we are making progress. Have we effectively positioned foresight for critically and ethically advising policy?

Convenor: Peter H Jones

Contributors: Karl Schroeder, Ursula Gobel, Greg van Alstyne