Offshore Web Hosts

Offshore Hosting refers to the act of hosting your applications and information in another country other than yours. But there are several more features to offshore hosting, that all outline below; 3) Offshore hosting services typically have a much more flexible platform, which doesn’t compromise on quality. This is because the physical infrastructure of an Offshore Server | Lyra Hosting is usually based on a first come-first served basis, meaning that your applications can be placed on any number of servers hosted by various Offshore Hosting Service Providers in different countries, giving you total control and flexibility. It also allows you to benefit from better system administration and greater redundancy. Offshore Hosting is the best choice for small or medium scale businesses that need their hosting to be resilient and to offer high performance.

Offshore Hosting – Freedom and Flexibility

The most popular and widely used service type by Offshore Hosting providers are the VPS (Virtual Private Servers), which offer the advantages of a dedicated server without the hefty price tag. VPS hosting provides the advantages of a Dedicated Server without the high cost. With virtual private servers, Offshore Hosting providers can allocate resources on a per-CPU, RAM and disk level basis, rather than having one large server that they share with other clients. They can also use the features available on virtual private servers such as High Availability and clustered server management and have access to multi-Tenancy and multi-site capability.

Another great feature of Offshore Hosting is the great anonymity it offers. Using a virtual private server, Offshore Hosting providers can provide their users with great anonymity. With these great features of Offshore Hosting, adult content sites can function as high performance web application servers and even fully managed servers. There are numerous Offshore Hosting providers out there, who offer great deals on great quality hosting servers at affordable prices.