The Best Greens Powder Recipes

After trying dozens of the most popular, best selling organic greens powders, we found out which are really worth your cash and which are about as helpful as drinking poop. It turns out that what people want isn’t always what plants need. In this case we learned that starchy veggies like broccoli are actually more helpful than greens powder. Voila-now we can eat sweet potatoes and carrots too! The only downside to this is that if you like a sweet flavor in your greens, then you might not care too much for the little bit of broccoli that you have to eat to get your fix.


Organic vegans also need to know about the best greens powder brands as well. Since they tend to be made from much more powerful ingredients, they offer much more health benefits than the cheap generic versions. These companies spend more time on developing new ingredients and making sure they’re as good for you as possible so you’ll likely notice that the price point is much higher on these products as well. If you add the cost of manufacturing to the price of a box of generic veggies, you can probably see why the quality is higher.


For those of us who eat more healthily, the goal of any green superfood recipe is to provide a wide range of antioxidant-rich vegetables with very low calories and a reasonable amount of salt and fat. It’s important to use a powder with a wide variety of ingredients, including some high-fiber veggies and fruits, because there’s nothing worse than trying to cook a bland vegetable when all you want is something that will kick start your metabolism. Green superfoods are usually powders that are mixed with fruits, nuts, or other colorful additives so that you can easily create a high calorie, nutrient-rich snack. The great thing about adding these powders is that you can make a delicious, high nutrient treat without worrying about counting calories, counting fat grams, or worrying about fat grams per serving. As long as you mix the right kinds of fruits, nuts, and vegetables together, you can have an easy, delicious snack that is good for you without worrying about any of the potential pitfalls.

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