temporary workers in france

With a high unemployment rate, France is one of the most attractive destinations for temporary workers from other EU countries, who often cost less than French workers. These workers come mostly from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and Germany, but this trend can provoke nationalist backlash, as French citizens resent the cheap labour of foreigners. In order to combat this situation, Macron’s government is looking to amend the EU’s posting worker directive. Click here – https://lucrezineuropa.com

Grew In The Sectors Of Commerce And Services

In a recent study, Pole Emploi, a French association of employment agencies, reported a 14.0% increase in the number of temporary workers in France in January 2022. The organization attributed this growth to an acceleration in economic activity and the need for replacement employees as a result of the omicron variant. In particular, the commerce and services sector grew at the fastest pace, with a 6.4% increase in temporary workers, while the industrial sector experienced a -0.4% decline.

However, a number of differences do remain. For example, France has a non-standard contract that allows for temporary workers and does not allow for mini-jobs, while Germany only includes temporary workers in April 2020. In France, employers who employ temporary workers are reimbursed through Unedic, while the German equivalent only includes temporary workers. In both countries, it’s important to be aware of the legal ramifications of a temporary employment in France.

The French government has changed its short-term work scheme, aimed at dampening the impact of the economic downturn. These reforms have made the unworked hours fully funded by the government and Unedic, the organization responsible for the unemployment benefit in France. The application process has been streamlined. According to the Dares weekly indicator, there are 8.7 million people who benefit from short-term employment, representing 34% of the total employment population.

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