Tyent Water Ionizers – Dispelling the Myth About Water Ionizers

Tyent Water Ionizers is extremely well made ionic water purifiers for the home that do not require complicated setups. In fact, many people think they’re simple to install. They’re the perfect solution for a busy household, where time is an issue. They produce five to eight gallons of “pure” water a day, depending on the model, and are extremely quiet. This is perfect for small apartments or homes where the water faucets are often in used, noisy, or are simply out of the way.

What Type of Water ionizer Does Tyent Water Ionizer produce?

Tyent Water Ionizers uses a patented technology called the ionization process, which filters out trace amounts of metals, fungi, bacteria, and cysts from ionized water. The company has been in business since 1930. According to their web site, they have sold more than one million ionized water filters and accessories to date. B. Lloyd’s story begins the following year. His father had passed on, and his mother was struggling to make ends meet as a single mom. She was tired of spending all her money on groceries and never getting her hands on the filtered, purified water her family needed.

They soon learned about ionized alkaline water machines, which are becoming more popular with independent home water purification systems due to the ability to de-mineralize water and mineral balance content. It also neutralizes acids like tartar and lead. This would allow them to sell pure, ionized alkaline water machines to those that want purified drinking water without ever having to touch and taste the acidic, contaminated water. When his mother told Ty about the ionized alkaline water machine, he said “If it’s so great, why don’t you sell it?” Within a few months, he began selling the ionized water machines and accessories to people all over the United States.

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