Mindvalley Lifebook Online is an internet-based lifestyle program, created by John & Missy Butcher. (Learn more about them at the website.) The program is designed to help you discover your own unique North Star, your highest life ambition. To do this, first, you must become aware of who you are as an individual – your values, beliefs, forces and personalities that move you in your personal development.

Turn Your Lifebook Online Into A High Performing Machine

Second, the Lifebook Online program helps you really want it by showing you how to use the North Star formula to get clear on your life vision and goals. Third, it shows you how to create a truly magnificent life, one that inspires confidence and conviction. Finally, the Lifebook Online program helps you achieve all these objectives, and much more.

The Lifebook Online program not only helps you discover your personal North Star and the forces that push and pull you in various directions, it also enables you to get clear on how to use that information to set practical, meaningful and powerful goals and to work towards achieving these goals using all 12 categories of Life Vision. For example, you may be wondering what your new life direction will look like in terms of family, career and finances. By using the 12 categories of Life Vision, you’ll learn about which of these areas will best support you in fulfilling your vision and that will hinder you from reaching your new life goal. This clarity will give you the tools to live the life of your dreams.

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