If you or someone you know needs Suboxone, the Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a number of Nashville outpatient suboxone clinic to provide treatment. What are Suboxone? Suboxone is an opioid that is prescribed to people with heroin or other forms of addiction who have failed several drug rehab programs and cannot tolerate being on a regular schedule. Suboxone helps lessen the physical cravings associated with the withdrawals from opiate drugs, which makes it particularly helpful if you or someone you know suffers from a serious addiction to opiates. As an individual who suffers from an opiate addiction, a Suboxone clinic in Nashville will offer treatment options and services that can help you live a productive life.

Where Is The Best Why Is An Outpatient Nashville Suboxone Clinic So Effective?

“There is a whole new way of thinking about addiction. It’s called an outpatient suboxone clinic, for obvious reasons,” says Dr. Edward Latessa, medical director of the Center for Drug Evaluation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.” outpatient suboxone clinic in Nashville recognizes the reality that the first dose of medications is often not enough to prevent a relapse and that dependency may develop over time.”

According to research studies, Suboxone has shown significant improvements in patients who have detoxified from heroin or other forms of addiction. In these studies, patients who had been abusing opiates for six months or more had a significant decrease in their dependency on these drugs. In addition, the patients’ craving for the opiate receptors was significantly reduced after the first dose of medication was administered. The researchers were so impressed with the results of these studies that they announced that Suboxone was “a scientifically designed, scientifically supervised and medically efficacious” medication that has “unlocked the key to long term recovery and care from opiate dependence.” As a result, many clinics throughout the United States are now offering this life-altering treatment in an outpatient setting.

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